14th Annual Lucie Awards

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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Join the premiere annual event honoring the greatest achievements in photography.

The Lucie Awards is the premiere annual event honoring the greatest achievements in photography. The photography community from around the globe pays tribute to the most outstanding people in the field. Each year, the Lucie Advisory Board nominates deserving individuals across a variety of categories. Once these nominations have been received, an honoree in each category is selected.
The honorees are presented with the Lucie statue during a spectacular evening at the Lucie Awards gala ceremony in New York.

The Lucie Awards is the signature program of Lucie Foundation.

2015 Honorees

Achievement in Fine Arts

Jerry Uelsmann

Born in Detroit on June 11, 1934, Jerry N. Uelsmann received his B.F.A. degree at the Rochester Institute of Technology in 1957 and his M.S. and M.F.A. at Indiana University in 1960. He began teaching photography in the Art Department at the University of Florida in 1960. He became a Graduate Research Professor of Art in 1974 and is now retired from teaching. He lives in Gainesville, Florida.

Achievement in Documentary

Danny Lyon

Danny Lyon was born in Brooklyn in 1942. A graduate of Forest Hills High School. He purchased his first camera, in Munich, an SLR made in East Germany on a 1959 trip to Europe on the same afternoon that he visited Dachau, Hitler’s first concentration camp, located in a Munich suburb. He began making pictures as a history student at the University of Chicago…

Lifetime Achievement

George Tice

George Tice has been working in the field of photography for more than 60 years, focusing his camera on the American rural and urban landscape. He is drawn to vestiges of American culture on the verge of extinction – from people in rural or small-town communities to urban and suburban neighborhoods that are often in decline.

Achievement in Photojournalism

David Hume Kennerly

David Hume Kennerly is considered a master storyteller by his colleagues, and has been shooting on the front lines of history for decades. He was one of the youngest winners of the Pulitzer Prize.

The Roseburg, Oregon native won the 1972 Pulitzer Prize in Journalism for…

Achievement in Fashion

Roxanne Lowit

For over three decades, the unique lens of Roxanne Lowit has captured the faces, personalities, and spaces of modern culture. To review her incomparable work is to step behind the proverbial velvet rope. To see her images is to witness the creation and the celebration of fashion and art and theater and film, pleasure and joy and aesthetic delight.

Humanitarian Award

Stephanie Sinclair

Stephanie Sinclair is known for gaining unique access to the most sensitive gender and human rights issues around the world. She has photographed the defining conflicts of the past decade with fearless persistence. Although she has covered the dramatic events of war, her most arresting works confront the everyday brutality faced by young girls…

Achievement in Music

Henry Diltz

Henry Diltz never set out to take some of the most iconic photos of our era, it just happened. Fresh from a globetrotting childhood, he attended colleges in Munich, West Point, then Honolulu, and later became known as a musician and founding member of the Modern Folk Quartet. This led to his many friendships with recording artists of the California rock community in the ‘60s and ‘70s…

Achievement in Sports

Barton Silverman

Barton Silverman, with a career as a sports photographer spanning 5 decades at The New York Times, is widely admired and celebrated for capturing some of the best moments in sport. His determination for capturing what he called the “peak of action” or the most meaningful moment of a sports event or a sports personality whilst adding a sense of art, resulted in thousands of his photos appearing across the pages of The New York Times…