The Lucie Awards Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is comprised of individuals responsible for identifying and nominating each year’s round of master photographers who will receive Lucie Awards.

The following individuals sit on the Lucie Award Advisory Board:

Anthony Bannon, Director Emeritus
The George Eastman House, New York

Nailya Alexander, Curator
Nailya Alexander Gallery, Washington

Darsie Alexander, Curator
Baltimore Museum, Baltimore

Susan Aurinko, Director
Photographer/Independent Curator, Chicago

Kimberly Ayl, President
Icon International, Los Angeles

Bill Becker, Curator
The Photography Museum

Joseph Bellows, Curator
Joseph Bellows Gallery, La Jolla

David Birkitt, Founder/Director
DMB, London

Nancy Bishop, Publisher
Venice Magazine, Los Angeles

Stephen Cohen, Curator
Stephen Cohen Gallery, Los Angeles

James Colton, Former Photo Editor
Sports Illustrated, New York

Anthony Davis, Curator
Rainbow Creations Gallery, Universal City

Nicole Dintaman, Curator
Nicole Dintaman Gallery, Los Angeles

David Fahey, Curator
Fahey+Klein Gallery, Los Angeles

Jean Ferro, President
Women In Photography International, Los Angeles

Peter Fetterman, Curator
Peter Fetterman Gallery, Santa Monica

Mike Gallagher, President
Gallagher Gallery&Archive, New York

Howard Greenberg, Curator
Howard Greenberg Gallery, New York

Barbara Hitchcock, Cultural Affairs
Polaroid, New York

Graham Howe, CEO
Curatorial Assistance, Inc.

William Hunt, Curator
New York

Simon James
The Royal Photographic Society, London

Audrey Jonckheer, Worldwide Communications
Eastman Kodak Company

Susan Kismaric, Curator
MOMA, New York

Louis Klaitman, Curator
Louis-Bernard Gallery, Baltimore

Deborah Klochko, Director
Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego

Kent Kobersteen, Former Director of Photography
National Geographic Magazine

Paul Kopeikin, Curator
Paul Kopeikin Gallery, Los Angeles

Scott Mc Kiernan, Director-Founder
Zuma Press, Inc., Laguna Beach

Erik Lansberg, Director of Imaging
MOMA, New York

Chiara Mariani, Photo Editor
Corriere Della Sera Magazine, Italy

Yossi Milo, Curator
Yossi Milo Gallery, New York

Hugh Milstein, Founder
Digital Fusion, Los Angeles

Sid Monroe, Curator
Monroe Gallery of Photography, New Mexico

Jeff Moorfoot, Photographer

Sandra S. Phillips, Curator Emerita
Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco

Richard Rabinowitz
Digital Photo Academy

Brett Rogers, Director
The Photographer’s Gallery, London

Kathy Ryan, Picture Editor
The New York Times Magazine, New York

Marcel Saba, President
Redux Pictures, New York

Barry Singer, Curator
Barry Singer Gallery, Petaluma

Susan Spiritus, Curator
Susan Spiritus Gallery, Newport Beach

Mariko Takeuchi
National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo

Colin Westerbeck, Writer + Curator
Los Angeles, California

Tim B. Wride, Founder
No Strings Foundation, Los Angeles

Jean Loh, Curator
Beau Geste Gakkery, Shanghai